Lifts skin, smooths wrinkles, deep cleanses, shrinks large pores, moisturizes, and rejuvenates your skin with scientifically proven EMS, RF, and LED therapies combined into one beauty instrument.

EMS MODE (microcurrent therapy) - effective in lifting and tightening your skin, improving elasticity, shrinking pores, and reducing wrinkles resulting in a firmer, softer, and more elastic epidermis.

RF MODE (radio frequency therapy) - increases collagen production and collagen contraction. Radio frequency energy uses your tissues' natural resistance within the various layers of your skin to transform the RF energy applied to the skin into thermal energy.

LED MODE (photon therapy) - is proven to improve skin conditions such as dullness of the skin's surface layer, improve complexion, and promotes nutrient absorption of skin care products. Electroporation provides a means to transport collagen, hyaluronic acid, and nutrients deeper into the skin.

RED Light - reduces inflammation, improves circulation, reduces pore size,
stimulates collagen production, and strengthens the mitochondria.

BLUE Light - destroys acne-causing bacteria and accelerates detoxification.

GREEN Light - reduces blemishes, discoloration, age spots, and promotes lymphatic drainage.

YELLOW Light - reduces redness and stimulates blood circulation and smooths
your skin.

PINK Light - brightens the epidermis and adds a glow to your complexion.

FLASHING Alternating Light - overall alternating skincare beauty modalities for
combined results.

Intelligent timing: each Mode is timed out at 10 minutes to prevent overstimulation.

Caution: keep the instrument 5 cm away from the eyes.
Material: ABS/ Stainless Steel
Output power: Max 10W (60Hz)
Packing size: 210 X 145 X 85 mm

Maintenance and cleaning: Clean with a dry, damp cloth or paper towel, no water or cleaner necessary.

Includes: beauty instrument; USB cable; operations manual