Oxygen/Hydro Injection is the ultimate pore cleanser. This instrument cleans the skin deeply by extracting blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin, and shrinking pores leaving your skin moisturized, smooth, and fresh.

While the skin is being cleansed an adequate water/oxygen nutrient is delivered on site. This is a strong contrast to traditional blackhead, dry suction devices that can enlarge your pores and inflame the skin leaving the surface of the skin damaged. Quite the opposite result we are hoping for.

Small bubbles are mixed with a nutrient medium to form a micro-foam. The function of these small bubbles is to purify the hair follicles and eliminate keratin/fat build-up, blackheads, and whiteheads, effectively cleansing the skin and dissolving the pollutants on the cell wall. The micro-foam is then vacuumed from the skin with a specially designed spiral tip. Vacuuming the micro-foam removes deep dirt and dead skin granules from any area on your skin providing oxygen-enriched, nourished, moisturized, and smooth results. This practice helps whiten and improve the skin by stimulating skin tissue and hair follicles resulting in delayed skin aging and improved skin elasticity.

Material: ABS/stainless steel/crystal/tubing
Standard Voltage: 220v
Instrument Frequency: 50/60hz
Optional Plug: EU, USA, Australia,

Your Package Includes a beauty instrument; 2 bottles; a wand; 8 crystal heads.
Product Size: 26 X 23.5 X 6.4 cm
Shipping: 12-18 days
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