EMS Microcurrent Beauty Instrument stimulates the skin resulting in lifting and firming of the facial skin. The gentle electromagnetic current stimulates and soothes all layers of the skin, smoothing fine lines, improving circulation, and stimulating skin rejuvenation, resulting in glowing and happy skin.

The Vulcan initiates impulses of the nervous system to the muscles of the face encouraging muscle contraction, thus resulting in the firmness of your facial tissue, and smoothness of your skin.

*relax and glow whether you're on the move or at home*

Intelligent Timing: each Mode is timed out at 15 minutes to prevent overstimulation.

Vibration Frequency: 8000 rpm / 133 hz
Power Supply Mode: USB cable charging
Charging Voltage: DC3v
Power Consumption: MAX 5w
Battery Capacity: 400mah
Material: ABS+PE+Stainless steel
Maintenance and Cleaning: Clean with a dry, damp cloth or paper towel, no water or cleaner is necessary.

Your Package Includes a beauty instrument; USB cable; operations manual.
Product size: 66 mm X 140 mm
Shipping: 12-18 days
We can accept E-Transfer. Please fill out our Contact Page, then send E-transfer to, 1.250.869.7425

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